Meet India’s most academically qualified woman Truck Driver!


Since the year 2000, Yogita Raghuvanshi has been ferrying around the country in her truck, which she had to take up to support the upbringing of two children post an ill-fated marriage. By her sole income, she is making sure her children Yashika and Yashwin receive the best of education.


Yogita, a lawyer has her roots are in Uttar Pradesh spent childhood in Maharashtra’s Nandurbar district. She was married to a man who claimed he was a practicing lawyer in Bhopal High Court. All of the claims turned out to be false and hence the marriage wasn’t a happy one. He later died in an accident 16 years ago, and Yogita resorted to driving trucks to support her children.

At this point we wonder why didn’t she take up law as she already held a degree. In time of extreme crisis, the profession of her choice wouldn’t have paid her much as a fresher. Driving trucks on the other hand gave her instant wages. She had driven 5 lakh kilometres by 2013.

In a country where male dominated professions are not usually taken up by women, Yogita took it us as a challenge just to support her children.

Hats off to the mighty woman for not having lost confidence and not letting those stares bring her morale down!


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