What are the Most Impressive Answers Given by Cortana?

What are the Most Impressive Answers Given by Cortana?
What are the Most Impressive Answers Given by Cortana?

So all of us have heard the beautiful voice of Cortana, she is also popular for the intelligent answers that she gives the user. Here’s a list of answers given by Cortana which will not only leave you in awe but also get your funny bone tickling.

Ask Cortana what does her name mean?

Pat comes the reply, “I am named after Cortana, the artificial intelligence(AI) from Halo. Or since she’s 500 years in the future, she may have named herself after me.”

Cortana has certainly got a point there.


Ask Cortana, to marry you and she will smartly turn you down.

She answers, “Ok, we’ll need a plan. I’ll work on being more human, you work on being more digital.”

Is this even possible?


Ask her which is the best phone?

She quips, “Oh, come on, chief. It’s Windows Phone.” She surely knows how to be true to her makers.


Try a tricky question like where do babies come from?

She dodges the question replying, “Babies..Babies..Y’know, I think I’m gonna let the internet field that one.”



Ask her if she likes Bill Gates?

She answers, “ I quite literally can’t imagine a world without him.” So very true, at least in her case.


Do you like Apple?

She answers, “Their new headquarters looks kind of like a Halo. I’m into it.”


Ask Cortana, do you love me?

To that she replies, “Y’know, I’m really not ready for love. I’m still working my way through serenity and apprehension.”

Now that’s a polite way of saying no. Isn’t it?

Broken heart

Ask her if she likes Microsoft?

She replies,”There’s no place like home.”

Microsoft Building

Ask her to talk dirty with you..

She replies, “ My research shows The internet is much, MUCH better at that than me.”


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