Mind Blowing Kitchens Of India That Serve Thousands Of People Daily And Are No Less Than A Food Factory

We all have the luxury of cooking our own food in our kitchens. While some of us might even cringe at cooking some 2 minute noodles for our friends, there are others who cook meals for thousands of people, all without any complain. India is home to some of the biggest mega kitchens in the world and here are some of these mega kitchens which do not fail at delivering awesome food whatsoever.

1) The Indian Railways


The Indian Railways caters to more than 6 lakh people daily, through the pantry cars, vendors and base kitchens. The IRCTC central kitchen in Noida churns out over 10,000 meals per day to be served in Rajdhani, Duranto and August Kranti trains. The kitchen is fully automated with latest equipment like vegetable cutter, roti maker, potato peeler and batter maker. In fact there are very few stuff that actually need manual labour.

2) Sri Sai Sansthan Prasadalaya


The Sri Sai Sansthan Prasadalaya in Shirdi. Maharashtra is one of its kind because it is the largest solar kitchen in India. 17 solar dishes, each 16 sq. meters in size are spread across four roof tops. More than 30,000 devotees are served every day at the cost of ₹6 per meal. Poor, blind, handicapped and sages are served for free.

3) The Golden Temple


Golden Temple is home to the largest langar which typically feed 40,000 people daily for free. 12,000 kg of flour is used every day to prepare rotis in a roti machine which produces 25,000 rotis per hour. The special thing about a langar is that the food served here is irrespective of caste, class and gender. So basically whoever comes here doesn’t go back hungry.

4) Akshaya Patra


Akshaya Patra Foundation works across 30 locations in India and its aim is to feed millions of children through the mid-day meal programme. The semi-automated kitchens have the capability of serving 100,000 meals per day. Akshaya Patra also has decentralised kitchens in locations where the geographical terrain and the bad road connectivity makes it difficult to set up a large kitchen. The decentralized kitchens are run by women of Self Help Groups who are trained by Akshaya Patra.

5) Kalinga Institute of Social Science


Kalinga Institute of Social Science, Bhubaneswar is the largest tribal school in the world which provides accommodation, study, healthcare and food to over 25,000 tribal kids. KISS serves more than 50,000 meals on a daily basis.

6) Dharmathala Manjunath Temple


One of the most visited temples in Southern India, the Dharmathala Manjunath Temple in Udupi, Karnataka is home to the Annadanam Kitchen which is entirely managed by a single family- the Heggades. On festive occasions, the kitchen requires 70 quintals of rice, 15 quintals of vegetables and 2000 coconuts.

7) The Jagannath Temple, Puri


The Prasad served at The Jagannath Temple is called “Mahaprasad” and is cooked by around 600-700 cooks who use 40-50 quintals of rice and 20 quintals of dal every day. On an average 20,000 people are served the mahaprasad every day.

It’s appalling how the amount of food being served is never the reason for compromising on the quality of food at these places. No wonder, these kitchens are the real mega kitchens of India.

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