Misal Spots In Pune You Can’t Miss Out On In This Lifetime!

Misal is a multi faced dish which can be eaten as a meal as well as a snack. Originating from Western Maharashtra, Kolhapur, the dish is making it’s presence felt everywhere. Though it is originally famous for being too spicy, people in Pune have changed it according to their taste buds. Read on to know about the best places in Pune where you can have Misal.

1. Bedekar Teastall, Narayan Peth

This is the most famous Misal place in Pune. It is a small place in a crowded area but known by all because of it’s history of six decades.


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2. Ramnath Misal, Tilak Road

Famous for it’s fried poha topping and spicy rassa (gravy) this place is not so known.


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3. Durga Coffee House, Kothrud

Known for the best cold-coffee in Pune, this place also has a wide range of food items including Misal.


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4. Khasbaug Misal, Baner-Aundh Link Road

You have the option to choose dahi missal if you cannot tolerate the spice.


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5. Shri Krishna Bhuvan, Tulsibaug

The Misal here is moderately spicy and the added bonus is of clean place.


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6. Kata Kirr, Deccan Gymkhana

Kata Kirr is the only place who specialize in Misal. They serve only Misal and buttermilk. You have an option to choose the spiciness of your Misal here.


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7. Arihant Hotel, Chinchwad

This is a small place with authentic ‘kolhapuri missal’. They also have other snacks.


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8. Newale Misal, Chinchwad

It is a small place in a narrow lane in Chinchwad, the misal here will satisfy even the most resilient spice cravers. If you’re still not breathing flames after this savoury onslaught, try the potato pakodas with red chutney. They now also have a branch in Waked.


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9. Sir Misal, FC Road

The Misal here is much more tolerable than most other places. They have limited menu with Misal as their speciality.


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10. Vaidya Upahar Gruh, Rawiwarpeth

This is a family run business and their signature Misal contains garlic, green chili and turmeric.


Source: thepunekar

There are various other places where you can get a Misal but these are the one’s that you just cannot miss out on. These are especially for the people who are from western Maharashtra but have been living in Pune and miss their home!

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