If You Don’t Know This, You Are Not a True Mumbaikar!

Mumbai- the city of dreams, the city that never sleeps or Mayanagari, as it is rightly called in Hindi and Marathi. What exactly is Mumbai? An outsider has the most judgmental views about this city, someone who has never truly lived in the city. It is usually said that you cannot love Mumbai until you become a part of it. Recently The Viral Mumbai put up some posts that perfectly described this city of dreams!

Wada-pav and Mumbai are synonymous with eachother. There is not a single person in Mumbai who has not had an wada-pav at least once in his life.


There is no arguing with them. After all how much can a person clean?


Pani-puri is Bae!


Who needs Siri when you can have interaction with a live, and more accurate, human being?


And if you have had a few drinks, there is no denying the fact that you will sit there and recount your woes as well!


Safety always comes first! No compromises on that!


A few lessons are in order for other cities!


Mumbai, like a tree, grows both ways- it’s cultural roots are just as strong as the modern facade!


The true example of Unity in Diversity!


For a person who had those misconceptions about Mumbai, I hope these helped you get a clearer picture!

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