This famous Bollywood singer disguised as a homeless man is here to teach you a lesson

We have often heard  the proverb, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present. But how many people contemplate on it and actually live by it? Sonu Nigam wanted to pass on this message through his experiment and he did it with aplomb.

The video, titled “The Roadside Ustaad”, was released on Culture Machine’s digital channel Being Indian on Tuesday. It is an experiment done on the busy streets of Juhu, Mumbai to see how the passersby react to the singing of an old man.

In the beginning some people just passed by, but once Sonu’s music picked up, in no time crowd started surrounding him oblivious to the fact that this homeless man is Sonu.

One certain individual was someone who could see through this homeless man and appreciated his music, the gentleman even offered to buy him breakfast.

This was the touchiest scene in the video, not only for the viewers but also for Sonu. Later in the video Sonu shares, “This person praised my music, shook hands with me and gave me Rs 12. I have framed those Rs 12 and would love to meet that person again to give him something from my side.


Talking about the initiative, Sonu said in a statement: “I went (on to do this video) without any expectations, totally bereft of any awkwardness for the way I was looking and what I was about to subject myself to. “For the first time, I was not me. The make-up was so good and authentic that people standing so close to me, couldn’t recognize me.”

In the video Sonu is seen with a harmonium which he further shared that the musical instrument was the same one that his parents bought when he was born. “It was all so humbling. And from such an unfamiliar zone, I managed to procure something. Gratitude, grace and appreciation for what we have,” he said.

Sonu sang Kal Ho Na Ho and Abhi Muj Mein Kahi, lyrics of both the songs pass the message of living in the present for which this experiment was done.

This video teaches us that Sonu Nigam’s voice and music is eternally beautiful, even  when he was disguised as a homeless person still he managed to garner appreciation. The second thing was, even if there are 10 people who don’t understand you, there will always be one out of them who will connect to you, appreciate and understand you.

So keep doing your thing and never give up!


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