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Party Games You Must Try The Next Time With Your Gang!

While going out to a club to have blast is a great way to celebrate, house parties have their own charm. But often, these parties can get real boring, real quick. You definitely do not want that happening, especially if you are the host. So here are some party games you should try the next time you get together-

1. Sing Song Ping Pong

A game similar to our own Antakshari, you may have seen it in the popular film Pitch Perfect. Divide yourself into teams, and start singing a song that everyone knows. The task of the other team is to cut in with a song that features any of the words that the other team is singing. The best way to enjoy and annoy your friends is to cut them off just as they are getting really into it.

2. The Mummy

Usually done with toilet paper, you can use clothes to be more environment-friendly. Take up two poor guests, and wrapping! A referee decides whether the person is wrapped enough, and the first team to create a mummy wins.

3. Musical Chairs

Can this childhood favorite ever not be fun? Walk around the chairs while the music plays, and sit down as soon as it stops. Want to make it even more crazy? Allow as many people as will fit in the chair, as long as their feet are off the ground. Or, try fitting into a sofa that keeps getting smaller as it’s areas become restricted.

4. Two Truths One Lie

Get together in a circle. Every person will say three statements, and the rest will try to guess which one is the lie. This will work better if the people are not very close friends, but even in tight-knit groups, you will be surprised what comes out!

5. Freeze Dance

Another childhood memory you should surely revive. Dance to the music, but when it stops, freeze! An observer picks out the people who are unable to stay still, and the games continue. As the group gets smaller, pick even more silly dance moves that are difficult to hold still, and ask them to keep their facial expression frozen as well.

6. Charades

Instead of going for boring movie titles, list down the most crazy and weird things and situations you can think of, and put them in chits. Divide into teams, and just try to guess what all the waving and silent screaming is about.

7. Balloon Volleyball

Instead of using an actual ball inside the house, use a balloon. Divide yourself into small teams and pass each other the balloon. Decide on the number of points needed to win, and see as people go crazy trying to keep the thing in the air. Make more rules to make the game harder. Be careful of the furniture, though!

8. Pick Up

Stand in a circle facing outwards, and link your arms together at the elbows. Now, try grabbing the prize that is in the middle of your circle. The only catch? You cannot unlink your arm. Keep someone with a camera handy, as there will surely be some golden moments.

9. The Shaving Game

Divide into pairs. Lather up a balloon with a shaving cream. Now, one person has to hold the balloon by the knot in their mouth, while the other person uses a shaving blade to remove the cream. The first of the group who is able to remove the cream without popping the balloon wins.

10. The People Bingo

A fun game that you can play even as you interact and play other games. At the start of the party, have every guest fill out predictions about what the other guests will do (you can click a photo of the card to prevent cheating). Throughout the party, they tick whichever prediction comes true. Whoever ticks off the most prediction, wins

Of course, most of these games with be more competitive and fun if there is some end prize involved. But you may find that even without the incentive, people will enjoy greatly. Have fun!

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