People in this district of Bihar constructed 2168 soak pits in just one day!

People of Sitamarhi district in Bihar are setting an example for thousands of others to follow lead. They are conserving water for greater good in the future by constructing soak pits in schools, health care centres, police stations and other such places.


Global warming is resulting in really harsh summers and drying up of wells and rivers. At this tough hour, conservation of water is of foremost importance. The Sitamarhi District Administration’s Sokha-Kranti initiative works in the same direction. They have partnered with UNICEF and everyone in the district participated in this noble cause, leading to construction of 2168 soak pits. Prime Minister’s Rural Development Fellows Abhinav Kumar, Amit and Nitin also supported them.

This also helps in preventing contamination of water. Hand pump unit, settlement chamber unit, soak pit unit and a covering unit increase the sustainability of the structure.

This initiative seemed very attractive to the people and they came together for something that nobody would ever think would bring people together in a bond. The project included rigorous training of 11,000 personnel.

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