These Private Reserves In India Are The Real Conservation Starters

Something really noticeable is happening around the globe-people are realizing the importance of conserving the nature. While people are trying to help the nature in their own way, there are communities and conservation entrepreneurs who are actually creating private natural reserves to protect the natural beauty- right from coral lagoon in Asia to sanctuaries in America. India also has its own private reserve and listed below are few of them.

1) Kipling Camp, Madhya Pradesh


The Kipling Camp near Kanha National Park is a 9 acre camp run by the Wrights, a family of conservationists who are trying their best to conserve the tiger and the forest that it inhabits. The camp has 15 rooms and is surrounded by 15 acres of forest. The people here have taken all measures to make the camp as eco-friendly as possible by- solar energy is used as much as possible, cottages are made of local material and sewage is also treated with natural materials. The camp also has a rescued elephant who would give you water baths.

2) Mojo Retreat, Karnataka


The rooms in Mojo Retreat are surrounded by dense jungles where you hear to all kinds of natural sounds starting from the bird call to cicadas at night. The place is famous for the Malabar gliding tree frog, jewel beetles and various caterpillar. This place in Coorg is owned by Sujata and Anurag Goel. The botanist and microbiologist also grow cardamom, coffee, black pepper, and kokum in the 20 acre forest farm. You should try the Coorgi pork curry served here.

3) Jilling Estate, Uttarakhand


The Jilling Estate covers 50 acres of oak and rhododendron forests. The Estate has only four cottages and is run by an ex fighter pilot and tree planter Steve Lal and his wife Parvati. One can enjoy their stay here by watching the sunrise on the snow clad Nanda Devi in the morning and bonfire in the evening. Hikers who visit Kumaon often come to this place.

4) Elephant Valley, Tamil Nadu


The Elephant Valley is a sprawling 100 acre natural reserve located in Palani Hills, 20 kms from Kodaikanal.  Elephant Valley is a natural reserve, an organic farm and most importantly a place where elephants and the regions’ biodiversity comes first. There are 20 bungalows in total. One can view the Shola forest from the bungalows and occasionally a few elephants that use the route.

5) Wildernest, Goa


Wildernest is a massive 450 acre wildlife corridor that encompasses the Chorla Ghat. Widernest connects the Mhadei and Bhimgad wildlife sanctuaries in Goa. Almost all the cottages here have some really amazing views to offer. One can see the Dudhsagar Falls and a few langur families playing around the trees from their rooms. The resort also has naturalists with whom you could walk around the forest and sight some birds, lizard and maybe the Malabar pit viper. The place also has a swimming pool and a kitchen which serves amazing Goan food.

More power to such people!

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