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After Reading This You Would Want To Quit Your Jobs And Play Poker

We are all very well versed with our rat race. Our parents and their parents before them and their parents before them have taught us that where there is money, car, a house and  husband/wife, there is joy in the world. As Prof. Viru Shahastra Buddhi says, “Life is a race, if you don’t run fast, you will be like a broken anda”. And so we run, in the hopes  that our dreams stop running after us and we reach the dreams that has been decided for us even before our birth by our parents.

While you are still running your race, in your water break take a look at these two amazing people who have earned money by playing their cards right. Seriously. Tarun Goyal and Nikita Luther will give you serious goals of having your poker face on. Again, very serious.

Have you heard of Adda52.com? I am taking a wild guess here and thinking probably not. Well you facebook/twitter/insta socialites, Adda52.com is a poker game site where you can play live poker with real money. Don’t try it if you have no clue about poker lest you want to lose your money with champion/experienced poker players from around India.

5 years ago, Tarun Goyal, a business man, stumbled onto this site. Before long, he started playing for real money and it just got better and better. His love for the game was so strong that he quit his job and started playing poker everyday. Soon he started converting hundreds into thousands and thousands into lacs. In 2016, he was named a pro by Adda52. He is now one of the highest earning poker player in India. Luck by chance? I would say so.

Everyone who’s anyone or who has watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S, knows that Poker is a man’s game but not for this 26 year old. Nikita Luther has been given an international title in poker after she was named a live pro by Adda52 and not represents the website in official worldwide tournaments. She is also the COO of Poker Sports League in India and encourages women to play poker. She now aims to for the biggest and grandest title of Poker, a ‘World Series Poker Bracelet’.

If you have what it takes to play poker and be good at it, Adda52 ifs for you. It is a legal poker playing website for Indians. They make the game tough each year so you can be sure that the website is sure to hone your poker playing skills.



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