Repairing for a Change- This Café doesn’t let you throw away electronics

PIC-8We all remember those Sunday mornings when grandpa, dad or uncle would be so busy in fixing things like radio or mixer or even a bicycle. And in their hands would be some tools to fix the same. And on the other hand our dear grandmas, moms and aunts were all time masters at repairing old clothes on their always handy sewing machine.

At those times throwing away things that were no more usable was like a crime. We all have such memories, of more economical and grim times. We Indians always believe in repairing and reusing things. And Repair Café is bringing it back to us.


Located in Bangalore, the staff will repair all your electrical kitchen equipment, old cameras, small household furniture items, jewellery, or clothes. Their volunteers are really good at their work, infact they are experts. They also allow you to try your hand at it, if you wish.


You can do stuff like picking up some repairing skills yourself or even just hangout at the workshop. You get one item fixed at just a minimal registration of Rs.50. Some of the expert volunteers fix your things even free of cost. Some interesting do-it-yourself workshops are also organised to learn the fun!

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