Revealed: What Happens When an Indian Dates a Foreigner!

Dating a foreigner is still looked upon as a slight taboo in our society. Moral police may argue that Cross Religion Love is still a crime, let alone Border. However, Love has, over time, found itself to be independent of ethnicity, culture, religion and nationality. This is a summary of experiences of those Indian extremists who committed frauds in the name of love and ended up with people who didn’t even belong to their country.

1. Love is a Connection!

However diverse and unique the backgrounds maybe, everybody who commits such crimes testifies that there existed some kind of connection between them and their alien love partner.  


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2. Love Teaches!

The point most argued by these criminals would clearly be that they gathered some kind of intel about each other’s country while they were in that relationship. Confidential information regarding the festivals, culture, geography and history, has a high chance of being callously exchanged between the lovers in the course of their relationship.


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3. Long Distance Works!

It hurts to tell you this, but long distance relationships stemmed from cross border love, may end up lasting. While you good citizens of this nation may struggle to keep up with your long distance partners, these valiant lawbreakers have a decent reputation of ‘making it work’, even if they are separated by borders and oceans.


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4. Happy Ending’s are Not Guaranteed!

Readers don’t be disheartened, it’s not all fun and games for these pseudo nationalists, research suggests that the success rate of these cross border lovers is not different from yours.  

So by now even you may agree that cross border love is more than just a crime and it should be avoided as far as possible, especially in our country. I mean who gives these villains the authority to peacefully love foreigners who don’t belong to our country.



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