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Shocking! See How 20-Year-Old Drunk Mumbai Girl Bites, Kicks & Slaps Cops at Worli Police Station

Yes, you read that right. 20-year-old Mumbai girl who was arrested for drunk driving and ramming her car into a divider. On being caught, she unleashed her anger in a drunk stupor on the cops.

Drunk Girl

The incident took place on 16th June near Worli’s Podar Hospital around 2 am, when Chembur resident Bhide accompanied by three friends  Chirag Bhothra (21), Kapil Rathod (21) and a 17-year-old minor boy, were on their way home. Bhide rammed her Verna into a divider near Podar Hospital.


A few locals who were present at the scene for their night walks approached the car to ensure that everyone was okay. However, the woman stepped out of the car and began to abuse the locals, asking them to mind their business.


When the woman police constable and assistant police inspector, who were on patrolling duty, intervened in the matter, the youths began to abuse them and Gauri began to kick and throw punches at the 55-year-old assistant police inspector and also bit the woman police constable.


Gauri’s drama didn’t seem to end there. At the police station, she went ahead and abused, slapped and even spat on the officials there. In a matter of 10 minutes, she broke a windowpane, pulled wires out of a computer and threw the computer on the ground and smashed several cops’ phones. A police officer who was shooting a video of her antics also had to face her wrath and abuses.

Girl Slapping

According to Praveen Padwal, zonal deputy commissioner of police, all four persons were highly under the influence of alcohol. “They were all taken for a medical test at JJ Hospital and the examination reports reveal that all were drunk beyond the permissible limits.

All the accused have been booked under relevant sections of the IPC and were kept in the police custody for a night. They were produced before a court next day on Friday and granted bail for Rs 15,000 each.

Check out the entire video of this incidence and decide for yourself!

Instead of realizing the gravity of the matter at-least in the sober state, she was enjoying the attention given by her friends once she was released. Certainly, birds of a feather flock together.


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