Shocking! This family woke up to the greeting of a 6 feet long crocodile.

FotorCreatedA family in Madhya Pradesh, Neemuch district woke up in the wee hours of morning to be greeted by a 6 feet long crocodile in their house. It is believed that the crocodile entered their house in the night and was found at around 3am by Rajaram Regar, the owner of the house.

The crocodile was lying in the yard unaware of the humans around it. When found, Rajaram immediately called the police who in turn called the forest department so as to remove the reptile from their residence.


The forest department informed that the crocodile is likely to have entered the village from the nearby overflowing Morwan Dam. They were successfully able to capture the crocodile by morning and later released it in the Sagar Sanctuary.

You can check the entire video here :

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