She Speaks To The Dead: An Interview With Renuka

Automatic writing is a process through which a person can connect to the spiritual world. It’s a process which uses writing materials and the messages do not come from the “conscious thoughts of the writer”, according to Crystalinks.

Sometimes performed in a trance state, the writer only puts pen to paper and the messages come from the spirit that the person is connected to. Whatever they write, Auto writers believe is what the spirit wants to tell them.

Among auto writers in India, Nan Umrigar is one who has been practicing auto writing for quite some time now.  Her tryst with Auto writing began when she lost her 17 year old son, Karl, in a freak accident during the Western Indian Championship. After this tragic accident, she had shut out the outside world completely, when she heard about people who could connect to the spirit world. She then started communicating with her son and it healed her, giving her new hopes and a peek into the world beyond. She wrote down her experiences with her son and published it in the form of the book- “Sounds of Silence”, which soon became a bestseller. According to Hindustan Times, in the book, she shares “her deeper understanding of the evolution of consciousness, life and death, Karma and compassion, love and forgiveness and of the onward journey of the soul.”

Renuka is an auto writer who is also connected with Karl, Mrs. Umrigar’s deceased son. Here she tells us about her experiences as an auto writer and how she came across spirits like Karl, Eric and her spiritual leader Meher Baba, who is widely referred to as ‘Avatar’ in India.

Q) Can you tell me how you began on this journey?

A) My journey began with Nan Umrigar’s book, Sounds of silence, after which I felt a deep connect with Karl (Nan Umrigar’s deceased son) who is my spirit guide. I got in touch with Nan Umrigar to understand this. She gave me a link to connect with him through automatic writing and then there was no turning back. My journey until now is also chronicled in my first book “Meher Nazar”.


Q) Why did you trust Karl? Did you not doubt the messages you were receiving?

A) Before I started writing with Karl, I did a deep research on automatic writing and was very convinced of the process. Also I had experienced the purity of this connect and accuracy of answers. I got through Nan aunty from karl about my personal queries. Although Nan aunty had no clue about my personal life, the answers resonated at a deeper level. This was enough for me to trust the connect and not doubt what I was getting in my writing.


Q) I know that Auto writing is supposed to guide a person, is supposed to make a person emotionally and mentally strong and prepared, but, my question to you is, what if a person who has made contact with his or her lost loved one gets stuck in the memory of the loved one’s past? What if they start blaming themselves that they hampered the journey of their loved one by being so miserable as to need help from someone who has already passed away?

A) First of all its a misconception that we disturb the ones who have left their body. The personality and the mental make up of the person who has left the body does not change. They feel the same love and connect they did, when they were in the body. The only difference is that they no longer are in the body. The love they feel for the family and close ones is still the same. They will never feel disturbed if their loved ones tried to connect with them. In fact, they are the ones who try and get them to connect with them through mediums as they want to assure them they are at peace and with them, although they can’t be seen or heard.

This is what I have already experienced and got whenever the connect has taken place. There has been lot of healing on both the sides. This is my main work here, to be a link between both the worlds and bring healing and answers to so many questions we encounter when we suddenly lose our loved ones to the ultimate reality called death.

And like with everything, there needs to be a balance and we encourage to connect only when there is a real need and not for some silly inquisitiveness.


Q) I read that you can also speak with another spirit known as Eric. Why do you think he came to you?

A) Erik is one of my spirit guides too like Karl and we work together on our blog,, where Erik answers queries regarding material issues, spiritual path, dreams, after life as well as gest messages from the loved ones in the spirit world.


Q) How can you be absolutely sure that it is Karl or Eric speaking to you? Can it be some guiding spirit who has taken Karl’s identity so as to comfort the person?

A) You can start automatic writing only after getting a link from an experienced automatic writer who already has an established link with the spirit world. This ensures that you connect only with the soul you desire to connect with and there is no mischief from other lower souls.

If the connect is authentic with a proper link and all rules of protection are followed, we are protected by our guides and Masters and we cannot be taken for a ride by other lower spirits.


Q) Meher Baba says that he is like Ram, like Krishna, like Guru Nanak and like Muhammad hence, he is called Avatar Meher Baba. Amartithi or January 31st is the day he shed his human vessel. Do you believe that he is actually an incarnation of god? Or do you believe that he is one among many messengers or soldiers sent by the infinite one.

A) Meher baba, when alive, declared himself to be the Avatar of the age and we, his lovers and followers, believe in the same.

He is god or He is the messenger, we don’t contemplate, our love for Him makes us follow him irrespective of his spiritual status.


Q) In a world filled with hatred, how do you think Meher baba’s love can reach those without access to him or his pupils like you who know auto writing?

A) Meher Baba is all about love. Anyone who calls out to him with purity of heart and asks for guidance, Meher Baba will be available. We don’t need any kind of medium except for true prayers and love to get connected to Him.


Q) Do you think you were chosen by some higher authority to spread Meher Baba’s word?

A) I don’t think I was chosen. I consider myself to be my Master’s servant and I follow his orders, that’s all I do.


Q) Do you believe that Karl and Eric gained moksha or freedom from rebirth because they were chosen by Meher baba to fulfil a higher purpose?

A) You don’t need moksha or freedom from birth to serve your higher purpose. Wherever you are, here in the physical world or the spirit world, the soul is free to follow and serve in whatever way it feels. All that matters is the feeling of oneness and love for all of creation to serve your Master from wherever you are and whatever form you have.


Q) Finally, Is there any other way to auto write except using a pen and paper? How does it work then?

A) Automatic writing means writing on the paper with the pen being moved by the spirit energy so yes, pen and paper is important for automatic writing.

Through auto writing, Renuka is helping people get closure and in this way healing those who come to her for help.

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