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Humanity Does Exist: Proved By This Pune Girl and Her Friend!

How often do you notice your maid at house or the watchman? Very rare, right? On October 1 Tanvi Jain was going about her daily routine and hanging out with some friends at Cafe With a Twist near her house. A freelance digital marketer by profession, Tanvi noticed the security guard of adjoining ATM look all hassled. He was near to tears and running about haywire, on asking him about it, he said that his bicycle had been stolen and was unable to find it. He also mentioned that he had no money to buy a new one.

Tanvi and her friend Sean Edwards, owner of Cafe With A Twist, decided to help him out. Being a blogger, Tanvi put it up on her Facebook page and the response she got was colossal.


People not only applauded her spirit, but were ready to donate their old cycles, money, etc. Some even offered to transfer the money to her account.


High Spirits Cafe, Pune were ready to pay the transportation cost as well. This was definitely not the response Tanvi and Sean expected.


Nevertheless there are bound to be some idiots who can never see the good in people. Similarly, Tanvi was criticized for her helping spirit by some fool and, trust me, the way she reacted just adds to her credibility.


Seriously, why can’t people just leave it alone? If you cannot help then at least don’t judge the people who are.

Despite facing this stupidity, Tanvi and Sean decided to buy a new bicycle for Mr. Shivaji Bhosale (security guard) and finally did so on October 4. The bicycle cost them Rs. 5000, but the reaction they got was worth much more!




Good people do exist, you just need to refine your vision!

All Images: Facebook; Tanvi Jain


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