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The Incredible Story of the Railway Clerk and His Rehabilitation Center

We see them at every chowk, signal, outside every restaurant, park, tapping on our car windows and pestering us for some spare change. Many a times a thought passed in my mind of why don’t these children get a job?, get productive?, do something with their lives?. But these were my thoughts, it never amounted to any help to the helpless.


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Sarath Babu is a Railway clerk at the Nellore Railway Station. He has rescued, rehabilitated and improved the lives of numerous such individuals who are out on the streets and railway platforms begging for food and money.


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Our protagonist started of by providing food and shelter to these children, soon he realized that the demand for rehabilitation was quite high and thus he approached the Gollapallem village in North Amulur Panchayat and put forward his plans of transforming a small piece of land in that village to a rehabilitation center. The villagers supported his cause and he took on this challenging task. The children were from very sad backgrounds, listening to their life stories was jaw dropping, all they knew was violence and begging, so rehabilitating them was a patient and strenuous task. However, Sarath Babu took on this task head on, initially rehabilitation was difficult and it looked like the chances of success were bleak, this raised a few questions from the villagers, but eventually looking at the efforts of Sarath and his team, the villagers supported him and encouraged him to continue working in the village. They donated 4.5 acres of land to develop the school and living space for the children, which came to be known as the CHILD ashram.


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The Child ashram looks towards training and educating these small children onto the right path of life as to make them responsible citizens of the society. Sarath is a strong devotee of Shirdi ke Sai Baba and has completely given his life to the service and seva of these children. His efforts are far from futile, today, one of his children works at a national research institute as a scientist, another is a circle inspector, and yet another is a professor. Sarath’s dream is to turn every child into another Sarath.


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The work of this humble railway clerk is commendable, something that we can hardly ever think of, let alone do. We salute this man who has brought about a positive change in the lives of so many. Just imagine, if he wasn’t around these children would still be stealing from the platforms of Nellore.

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