The Sairat Impact: Group of Youngsters to Protect Runaway Married Couples

sairat-marathi-movie-poster-759The Marathi film Sairat, directed by critically acclaimed director Nagraj Manjule is creating waves across the country. So basically, Sairat is a love story about two people who belong to different castes.

The audience worldwide has gone gaga over the film and its on every tongue tip ever since its release. The lead actress even got a National Award for her enchanting performance.

This social evil of casteism is a cause for so many heartbreaks. It also causes unnecessary suffering for youngsters and also old ones, it continues to plague our country. This is mostly seen in the rural parts.


After the film Sairat, there is a network called Sairat Marriage Group, which is initiated by a group of youngsters. This network supports inter-caste and inter-religious marriages. It will also provide protection and employment to such couples. Counselling is also done to the couples if needed, by this very group.

Six couples have already approached them and they are counselling them. The team first tries to understand their problems, which are of a wide range under the sun- from unemployment to having different castes and religions. They then try and initiate a dialogue and do their best in helping out the couple. The group however states that it is not promoting runaway marriages.

The volunteers have arranged for about 20 flats in Pune, so that the couples can stay there safely and free of cost for two-three months. They are also planning to provide jobs to such couples.

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