Story of this soldier serving the country even after death will give you goosebumps!

The soldiers who serve in the army are believed to be never off duty, even after their death,  such is their dedication and sacrifice for their nation. But in one case it has actually become true. This is the story of Harbhajan Singh who is said to be actively serving in the army even  after 45 years of  his death.


Harbhajan Singh was born in Punjab in 1941. He joined the  Indian Army in 1956 and served in the 14 Rajput Regiment.  However, he met his end in the year 1967 near Nathu-La pass, where he slipped and drowned in a heavy flowing river.


He was declared missing for 5 days, after which  he appeared in the dream of one of his fellow soldiers  and told him about the whereabouts of his body.  To everyone’s surprise, his body was discovered in the same place and he was cremated with due honors.


After that day, miracles started happening in the regiment. Apparently, Harbhajan Singh would appear in the dreams of other soldiers of his regiment and warn them about the happenings on the China border.  Whatever he told the soldiers was always true.

Due to this people started believing in Harbhajan Singh being reincarnated and started addressing him as Baba. They even erected a shrine in his honor.


Even the Chinese have accepted the existence of Baba Harbhajan Singh. In every flag meeting with the Chinese there is an empty chair kept aside so that Harbhajan Singh can attend the meet. Not only this Baba Harbhajan still gets salary and also 2 months leave to go home, just like other soldiers. He has also been given regular promotions and retired with the prestigious post of Captain.


People have immense faith on Baba Harbhajan and believe everything he says to the soldiers. Baba Harbhajan has constantly been on duty since after his death. A true soldier of the Indian Army, both in life and even after death.

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