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These Small Town Indian Girls Are Sizzling on International Fashion Ramps!

supermodelsKirat Bhinder, a Dehradun based model had a chance meet with designer Yves Saint Laurent in the 1970s and she was next walking the ramp for YSL, Chanel, Armani, Versace and Valentino. That was when an Indian model had her first brush with the international ramp.Before early 2000s, there weren’t any Indian faces except for Bhinder, a.k.a. Young and Pierre Cardin’s muse Anjali Mendes.

Kiran Bhindar

Both were placed on the ramps of big brands by sheer chance. Things started changing when dominance of the white skinned on the ramps was taken aback by Ujjwala Raut, Laxmi Menon, Padma Lakshmi as these girls started looking beyond Mumbai and Delhi. They started hitting it oft at Paris, New York and Milan. And with that, Indian shapes and features starting becoming the talk of the globe.

Now, not just girls of Indian origin, but also those born and brought up in small towns of the country are setting the international fashion ramps ablaze!

We here feature some of them!

Pooja Mor- BTech girl from Bareilly!


The girl walked the ramp for Louis Vuitton in 2015 and there was no looking back from there! She then walked for McCartney, Roberto Cavalli, Alexander McQueen to name a few. She was the cover face of a number of magazines. This UP girl had no plans of getting into modeling despite having the face and being 5 feet 9 inches tall. One entry in Clean and Clear Fresh Face contest in college changed her life, and the supermodel still has a very long way to go. Her key to quick success was that she didn’t see modeling as a stepping stone to Bollywood!

Natasha Ramachandran- The Punekar


Natasha’s journey started from Lakme Fashion Week from Mumbai, cut to today, she’s walked for Zimmermann, Temperley, Palmer Harding and has been on Harper’s Bazaar China, Teen Vogue, Grazia UK which are a handful to name. Her encounter with modeling in the west was when she was offered representation by NEXT Models London, where she learned their work patterns of fixed schedule and punctuality, something that’s a rare watch in India. This roller coaster ride of a mix of nations experience has made her strong and independent.

Image: cloudfront.net

Rasika Navare- The Ghaziabad girl who floored Givenchy!

rasikanavareA graduate in medical technology, she is one of the most promising models on international ramps. She has walked for Smashbox Cosmetics, Sephora Canada, Givenchy, Maybelline and a dozen more. She took off at a local beauty pageant and was excited to set her mark internationally. She still feels India is fun to work, much more than the western countries.

The ethnic identity is now a pro more than a con for most of these girls now. To come forth from thousands of other girls who still have the same aims like them coming from all across the globe is no small task though, they’re still making India very proud.

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