Things You Will Relate To If You ‘Zone Out’ Easily

Has it ever happened to you that you walk into a room and forgot why you were there in the first place? Watch a series online and keep rewinding it because you literally didn’t hear one thing after a point? Well, well, well, you ain’t alone my friend.

We all have had experiences in life where we are in our own little world and our thoughts drive us by. It’s only when someone snaps us or calls our name out loud that we fly back into reality.

These are certain things you will definitely relate to if you are one of the ‘Zones Out Quite Easily’ community:

1. You forget punchlines of Jokes

Image result for i forgot gifs

And THEN…………Well………..I can’t remember what it was. Hahahahahaha.

2. You forget about the plans made

Image result for i forgot gifs

You are supposed to give me a reminder every half an hour !!!!!!!!

3. You often have a straight face and nod occasionally

Image result for straight face and nod gifs

Uh huh, uh huh.

4. You ask your friends to repeat what they just said

Related image

Because of course, I was thinking about ice cream while you were talking about your stupid boyfriend.

5. You spend half your life in the shower

Related image

Wow, that’s a brilliant idea, I’m a freaking genius. I just hope I remember this after I walk outta here.

6. You walk into a store and…

Image result for walk into a store confused gifs

Uh, mom, what did you want again?

7. You are a late bloomer.

Image result for i didn't understand gifs

Was that sarcasm?

8. You forget to reply to texts

Image result for i sent that two years ago texts

Either you’re in your own world, or you’re technologically challenged.

9. You flip back pages of a book because you stopped paying attention two pages ago

Image result for person turning back pages of book gifs

Wait, who is this person? How did he even come here?

10. All you need is YOU.

Image result for dancing alone crazy gifs

Because hey, you’re awesome!


We sincerely hope you didn’t scroll back up in between because, duh, you zoned out !

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