Thinking of Taking a Break? Head On To This Village!

Who doesn’t like to travel? I guess very few would deny it. Do you feel like your options are declining? There are hardly any alternatives left that one can find. In this period of busy schedules we cannot find the time to take up trips as well. Therefore, travel bugs like me, keep looking for options that can be done in one day.


My recent infatuation is with the Agro Tourism. And NO, it is not only about farming activities. Agro tourism is rather something that can build your knowledge. Born and brought up in urban areas, we seldom think about the life in rural areas. Agro tourism will give you a taste of exactly this, the rural life.


Majority of Indians live in rural areas, so why not try that! More and more destinations of agro tourism are coming up all over India, one such destination is ‘Aapla Gaon’ (Our Village) that is in Beldare village near Karad in Maharashtra.


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Situated between hills, this quaint little place will charm you. As soon as you enter you see the lawns that will instantly fill you with peace. The open brick structures of a small restaurant is a pleasant break from the mortar in cities. You have various options there like enjoying some friendly games of carrom or chess. They will also provide you the equipment if you want to have a game of cricket, badminton, football or basketball. Though if you truly want a piece of rural life, try playing lagori or viti-dandu that are games played traditionally in Maharashtra.


Away from city living, every aspect of this place gives you a gaonwali feeling!

The restaurant will provide you with a variety of snacks, the kanda bhaji (onion pakoda) and tea are not to be missed. They have half day packages, so you can either get breakfast and lunch or the evening snacks and dinner. Lunch/ dinner consists of traditional maharashtrian delicacies. Gorge on the bhakris and pithla with some spicy kharda.

My favorite was the livestock that they have. Cows, bullocks, oxen, goats, they have it all. You can actually go and feed them and if you request real nicely, you can milk them too.


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A biogas plant is something that they pride in. With so much waste collected from the livestock, I am glad that they are putting it to good use.

Another attraction is the bullock cart ride and the tractor ride. They also have a mud hut that depicts the living conditions in villages. Props are set up for photo opportunities. End your day with some rain dance. If you are planning for a weekend, book early and you can stay there too. They have cosy little rooms for your comfort.


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Why Agro Tourism?

Children today live in the technical age. They are cooped up at home or schools and classes. It is necessary for them to learn about the environment, farming and related activities. Villages are a huge part of India. Getting acquainted with it will be beneficial to our future.

Visit Aapla Gaon website :


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