This 12 year old has 3 degrees already! Could become a doctor by 18.


Tanishq Abraham has three community college degrees already, at an age where his friends are still 6th graders. Getting degrees is no cakewalk for students in India. They struggle through thick and thin, maintain a college life and to-do this, but this lad has made it all look just a walk in the park.


Tanishq’s parents Bijou and Taji Abraham are extremely proud of their super-intelligent produce. His father is a software engineer by profession and the son wants to study biomedical engineering. Two colleges under the University of California have accepted the Indian-American, but he is yet to pick the best for him.

At 4 he was a member of Mensa, at 5 he was enrolled into the math class at Stanford University’s Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY). At 6, he had taken several high school and college lessons online and was enrolled into the American River Community College by 7. That’s how quick he’s been jumping!

Abrahams are based in Sacramento and the young gun might become an MD by 18. His interests lie in medical research.

He is learning just like child’s play!







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