This 1600 year old Indian piece of history has puzzled Scientists across the world

This iron pillar which stands for around 1600 years withstanding corrosion had got the eyeballs of scientists across the globe rolling! However, just as smart as the IITians are, they solved this mystery too.

As per their study and observations, the pure composition of the iron used has high amount of phosphorus present within. Also, there’s absolutely no sulphur/magnesium in the iron, resulting to longevity. There is also a slim layer of ‘misawite’ which has been protecting the pillar from rusting.


The skillsets of Indian iron smiths need to be saluted for such a marvelous structure standing tall in Delhi. The extraction and processing of iron has been very skillful. The mild climate of Delhi is also partly responsible to save the pillar from corrosion for this very long! The relative humidity in Delhi never exceeds about 70%, therefore there is very mild corrosion of the pillar.

Though climate stands as just a factor, many investigators have been highlighting the fact that the material used in the construction has been very efficient.

Historians estimate it to be built in the times when Chandragupta II was in rule. The column stands 22 feet tall inside the Qutub complex. The iron pillar is one of the rarest specimen which represents great levels of engineering aptitude of the ancient times. It continues to baffle one and all

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