This Biryani Baba’s story will leave you in tears; he satiates hunger of crores of Indians!


A staunch believer of the fact that service to humans is service to God, this 79-year-old man- Khadiri Baba from Andhra Pradesh feeds the poor those lavish delicacies, which they can’t even dream to afford.


At the Cheemalapadu Dargah, he serves chicken and mutton biryani to the poor. The vegetarians are also helped out with vegetarian food. On a daily basis, about 1000 people are fed daily, and on special occasions, Biryani Baba has over 8,000-10,000 guests.

This legacy comes from Khadar Baba who lived in the region about 40 years ago. Khadiri Baba has fed about one crore people in the last 40 years. He gets donations from donators who come to seek his blessings and also do their bit for humanity.

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Y. Suresh who is a believer of Baba, told the Deccan Chronicle, “I have been visiting him for the past ten years. Baba just provides food to the people who are very poor. I too lend a hand in the service.”

In this era when mankind is a threat to mankind, this man is making a difference.

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