This farmer in drought-hit Maharashtra sold his land to make a Dam for his village

42-year-old Sanjay Tidke from Akola has been witnessing drought in his state and the suffering that’s being caused to people. He and his brother decided to do something about this as the government seemed no close to interested in building a concrete dam in their village.


Out of the 30 acres land he and his brother owned collectively, they sold of one-third chunk of 10 acres for a sum of Rs.55 lakhs and constructed a dam. A canal flows through their farm, but just because there wasn’t a dam to block it, his farm would get washed off. There wasn’t any response from the government though he repeatedly asked for assistance.

This is not his first attempt in building a dam. In 2013 and 2014, he had tried to build a dam of soil, but it sank due to rains. This time, he is going for a concrete one, even though he received no help from the administration, he didn’t step back. The government officials even harassed him and accused him of buying sand illegally.

The dam will be constructed by the first week of June on a budget of Rs.22 lakh. His act of kindness is going to be beneficial for generations of farmers to come in his village!

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