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This guy who plays guitar in Mumbai local was given a surprise by Amitabh Bachchan

amitabhSaurabh Nimbkar, a boy who would commute by train every day from Ambernath to Dadar for his mother’s treatment, who unfortunately at the time was suffering from cancer, has set one such beautiful example by not only giving happiness to millions by giving them inspiration to live and let live, but also by living the dreadful moments with utmost dedication towards fighting every nick of life without hesitation.

When we are scared, shattered and are left with no strength to fight the odds in our lives, we tend to look for the hands of our loved ones to at least live few moments beautifully, so that we can capture them and pull together the will to live every coming moment with glory.

How wonderful does it sound to have one such hand? For us all, it’s beautiful. But more important is, how difficult it is to lend one?

While watching his mother suffering from cancer and taking treatment for the same, he would not let himself down, rather he would take his guitar and play it for his mother to lend her some peace.


Not only in hospital would he deliver this service to all sufferers but also to the tons of passengers in train and commuters. He eventually grabbed this aspect of his potential of pleasing others with his magical instrumentalism to collect funds for treatment of people suffering from cancer by contributing a major proportion of his earnings, which would vary everyday starting from 1000 per day minimum, to Bright Future association.

This helped the relatives of the suffers as the amount would directly get deposited to their account instead of going to the hospitals account which would many a times wouldn’t even reach people on time.
After losing his mother he didn’t withdraw himself from his objectives and promises of helping out a tons of needful soles but continued moving ahead with the same high spirit with his guitar- a major supporter in his journey of a smile carrier in tough times, a trouble shooter in dealing with his problems and a smile bringer to the sufferers with an additional touch of inspiration to the citizens of this nation.

Source: The Better India
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