This Indian guy is replacing the Coffee Culture in Silicon Valley with our very own Chai.


Gaurav Chawla turning to be a threat to all coffee shops in the Sillicon Valley where the who’s who of tech world brainstorm! An engineer by profession, Gaurav was on a break from his job at San Francisco-based cloud computing star Salesforce.

He was thirsting for a good cuppa chai, just like the one he makes himself. And he found out that there were others sailing in the same boat. The mélange of spiced tea with milk has deep roots in the Indian way of life. This provoked him to start thinking over.


“The Silicon Valley influence of Indians moving here is huge,” Chawla says. “Even if there is great coffee, chai is chai. It is one of the things of your upbringing.”

He then started on with his rice cooker experiment, which made good chai. Being a software engineer by profession, his curiosity and anxiousness drew him to develop a chai machine, similar to ones coffee is made in.

This prototype gained good response at Google and Dolby offices. And voila! His first generation chai machine picked funding by pre-orders.

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