This Kerala Bishop giving the most precious gift of life to a Hindu Man is the best thing you’ll read today

In today’s rat race of money and power when most of the people including the so called “godmen” are busy satisfying their insatiable hunger of greed, there are people like the bishop from the Kottayam district of Kerala, Jacob Muricken who restore our faith in humanity and give us hope.

Jacob the Bishop of Pala diocese of the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church has decided to donate his kidney to 30-year-old Sooraj Sudhakaran, who has been undergoing dialysis for over a year after both his kidneys failed.

Bishop Jacob Murikkan

What the modest Bishop calls a ‘simple sacrifice is like a miracle for Sudhakaran the only earning member of his family who works with a private firm, and has been struggling to meet the expenses for the treatment.

He shares, “I had sold my house — was staying at a rented premises and had registered myself with the Kidney Federation of India last year. I was desperately waiting for a donor.”

The bishop learnt of Sudhakaran’s plight from the chairman of the Kidney Federation of India, Father Davis Chiramel, who himself donated one of his kidneys seven years ago.

Bishop Jacob has decided to take the cue from Pope Francis and ensure that his call to make 2016 a ‘Year of Mercy’ doesn’t go in vain.

For the 53-year-old bishop, the recipient’s religion was never a concern. His only condition was the recipient must be a deprived person. Muricken is the first serving bishop who has volunteered to donate a kidney, while alive.

“Our church and Pope Francis truly believe and back such acts of organ donations. It’s in the spirit of the church. I believe this should be a strong message for people around me, to be open to donating organs. If I can save the life of Sudhakaran, a family would be saved,” the Bishop told The Indian Express.

The donor and the recipient, Sooraj Sudhakaran, have undergone all required medical examinations and have got a thumbs up from the state government’s authorisation committee for organ transplantation. As per schedule, the transplantation surgery would be held at a private hospital in Kochi on June 1.

Nayaa Bharat applauds this act of kindness by the bishop. We share a short story about how life changes for a recipient after a transplant. When Pooja Shitole(name changed) was 22-year-old,  she was diagnosed with end stage Glomerular Nephritis (GN), a chronic kidney disease. She was fighting for her life — both her kidneys were in danger of complete failure, and a kidney transplant her only option. Her mother donated one of her kidneys to her. It’s been four years since the transplant and today Pooja  is a confident 26-year-old entrepreneur, running her own human resources consulting firm and is all set to get married this year.





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