This Kozhikode ‘Collector Bro’ is a Superman!

Prashanth Nair’s resourceful campaigns to improve public amenities have been striking. He recently got a huge public pond cleaned, and offered a delicious plate of Biryani to the ones who participated in the activity. Money for the Malabar biryani was taken off from the drought prevention fund. Maintaining and conserving the ground water level is a preventive measure to save the district from drought.


On his Facebook fan page which has a whooping number of 2 lakh plus followers, he announced that people coordinated to cleanse the 14-acre Pisharikavu pond in Koyilandy of water hyacinth and slush, he described that the act was ‘not that easy.’

Prashanth has won accolades for the kind of work he’s been putting in for the betterment of Kozhikode. He is intriguing the populous, targeting the youth, for themselves to work for the betterment of the district. This district looks after itself with such initiatives.

In an interview in September last year, Prashanth told IndianExpress.com, “I wish to see a compassionate population in my district, people who care for each other. Our focus should shift from structures and concrete to people.” With respect and tonnes of admiration, he is called Collector Bro by his followers. The government even fears transferring the Collector Bro as that could possibly lead the people to come down to streets and agitate.

This collector seems to be a real interesting character in the betterment of India, he has even written and directed a short film for the state government. Multi-talented, we must say!

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