This love story is unlike anything you’ve read before!


FotorCreated1Twins are often believed to be more similar to each other in manners beyond their looks. They are believed to think similar things and sometimes even feel the same thing. And with conjoined twins, its even more. They share body parts and sometimes and organs based on their fusion. But despite all this they are two different individuals. They have different personalities, different thoughts and different likings. They spend their lives in rejection and under the piercing eyes of judgemental people who look at their condition and cringe. The same thing happens when they reach an age of marriage. No one wishes to be with them because of their unique condition. And so they usually give up on love.


That’s what makes this story so exceptional.  Ganga and Jamuna Mondal are conjoined twins living in Kolkata. They belonged to a poor family and were abandoned by their parents when they reached their teens as they were considered ‘Gods wrath’. They work for a travelling circus, as they have never been given education. These twins are also known as ‘Spider Siters’.


This love story blossomed when they met Jasimuddin Ahmed, a 37 years old school teacher who worked part time as a sound engineer in the same circus that the twins worked in. It was love at first sight for all of them, they say.


Being rejected all their lives the twins found it hard to digest that someone would be willing to love them for what they are. However, they lead a very normal life. They love listening to music and talking till 4 am in the morning. They have their meals on the terrace and talk about their lives. Their relationship is based on fun and companionship. But that’s not all, they admit that there is also intimacy in their relationship.


Ganga and Jamuna believe that this man loves them straight from the heart and also the best thing about him is his sense of humour. They lovingly call him Mr. India. However, despite the immense love they have, they are not considering getting married as they know that such a relationship will never be accepted by the society. They are nevertheless living a happy and content life.



The sisters have never been happier and wish to spend the rest of their lives with this man. This is the meaning of true love, something that goes way beyond looks, a connection directly from the heart.



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