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This man left a lucrative job in the UK to serve the nation!

Educated politicians are a rare find in the Indian political picture. Apart from a few names like Milind Deora, Sachin Pilot, Shashi Tharoor and so on, we seldom have people on the grass root levels who leave remunerative jobs abroad for the sake of the betterment of their own people back home.


Avinash Bagwe, the bold and dynamic Corporator of Kasewadi area in Pune was way different over a decade ago. He was a reserved, calm and shy youngster. His love for sports got him enrolled in Shri Shivaji Preparatory Military School (SSPMS)’s Football Team. He was thus adorned with many hats in his budding years.

Being a computer enthusiast, and having a zest for learning, Avinash moved to London in 2001 to pursue M.S. in Computer Science. His political journey began in 2004. Though his father was an influential politician, Avinash’s entry in politics was unplanned. Being an engineering student and national sports player, he was always pre-occupied. His first brush with politics was in 2004 during Vidhan Sabha elections wherein he helped his father.

13680516_1059346584146749_7060836855400758237_nBagwe in Brooklyn during college days.

Avinash Bagwe is the most educated Corporator in Maharashtra. He went to London in 2001, completed his MS degree and was pursuing his M.Phil while working there in 2004.  But destiny had other plans for him. When Avinash was working in London he had to return to India due to some crisis in the family. His plan was to just help his father and return to London to continue his studies but his roots pulled him back to politics and he decided to stay back for the betterment of his people and his country.


Bagwe makes it a point to keep in touch with his constituents through all platforms of social media.

Avinash could have gone back and completed his M.Phil and PhD, earned fat cheques abroad but he chose to stay back. He was of the view that Indian politics needs educated politicians to make a change. Another very important reason for him staying back was for the upliftment of his Matang community. He wanted to inspire kids from his community to get education.


Avinash credits his father and his values for inspiring him to take this decision. He learnt a lot from his father who was also a sportsman and a hardworking politician. Avinash’s only motto is whatever you do, be disciplined and focused and always give back something to the society.

His future plan is redevelopment of Kasewadi, just like the mega project of redevelopment of Dharavi and elevating the standard of living of people in his area.

Avinash Bagwe has the caliber to achieve stalwart in politics. He is a living example of a son of India who has dedicated his life for his country and upliftment of it’s people.

His son Aditya now trains in Public Speaking so that he can inspire others and is a good orator for his age. Like father, like son!



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