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This man living in rags taught Ex-RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan at IIT-Delhi !

Today when society is so judgmental about your educational qualification, Alok Sagar has given up his life of luxury to work for the tribals. A Bachelor in Electrial Engineering , M. Tech from IIT Delhi and a Ph.D from Houston University in Texas did not hold him back from helping the downtrodden.
Source: Patrika
For the last 32 years, he has been living in the Betul district in Madhya Pradesh. Until a few years ago, no one knew about his real past. Recently when Betul had elections, the authorities grew suspicious about him and started enquiring. Only then was his true identity revealed. People were shocked to learn not only about his qualifications but also about his family.
Source: top-yap
His father was an IRS officer and his mother was a Physics professor at Miranda College. Alok himself was a IIT-D professor till 1982, where he has shaped many bright minds of the country, including ex-RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan. In addition, Alok is a man of multiple dialects.
He is closely associated with the Shramik Adivasi Sanghatan in Madhya Pradesh. He has been fighting for the rights of tribals along with teaching the children in backward areas. His contribution in planting more than 50,000 trees in the nearby jungle is also remarkable.
2-1Source: Patrika
According to Alok Sagar, there are people in India who are facing tremendous difficulties, but we are busy showing off with the fancy degrees. Alok could have had anything he wanted, but he chose to help the needy. He owns only a couple of clothing items and a bicycle which he uses to commute.
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