This man made a plane out of a second-hand Maruti van engine!


In the tough competitions in the job markets, only the fittest survive. There is lack of opportunities in countries with a highly growing populous. Its getting really tough by the day to go out and find jobs, and that brings in frustration to many. Abdul Wajid of Muzaffarnagar was one such frustrated soul. But he didn’t let it pull him down, he worked on it!


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To stand out from the rest in the long queue, he set out to build a plane from scratch. He was a graduate from Delhi University and was an aeronautics enthusiast. He was also trained in aero-modelling at Safdarjung Airport in New Delhi. His love for the science grew by the day as he attended a few other camps.

After many unsuccessful attempts at hunting for a good job for himself, he created a one-metre long plane, which weighs 350 kgs. He did this single-handedly and today at the age of 26, he boasts of his creation which can be in air for 10 kms and has a 25 litre fuel tank. He is now waiting to get the needed permissions to fly it.

The plane costed him Rs.5 lakh, which he gathered from friends, family and well-wishers. All he wanted to show the world was his worth- and he did it!

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