This man’s one idea feeds millions of hungry Indians!

Hunger is seen on many faces at many times through the day. Be it kids, adults, people waiting for lunch-time at offices or those waiting in queues outside restaurants. It is even seen on tired faces on the streets, on faces of the homeless, and the food-less. As statistics have it, 194 million Indians sleep hungry every day. One out of every four kids is malnourished. 3,000 die each day due to improper diet. These statistics are so alarming but not many have put a thought into it. At smaller levels, people help the needy as per their own will and wish.


This one boy, a software engineer by profession gave it a serious thought. Harshil Mittal’s solution to this unnerving challenge to beat hunger was extremely simple! Cooking a little extra food in every home! As simple as it sounds!

On the third Sunday of every month, hot homemade food was served to children and elders who were deprived of food.


“Whenever we have a food drive all we do is ask our donors to cook a little extra food that day. The food is packed in the containers we provide them. Volunteers then pick up the food from their doorsteps, bring it to the distribution site and give it to the hungry children and elders there,” Harshil explains.

He started on with this initiative with just three friends in October 2015, and went door-to-door explaining their concept. And voila! More than 90% of people they approached gave them a nod! They fed 40 people in Tilak Nagar of Bengaluru on their first day of the drive.

With small extensions the initiative grew big. So big, that they now have 750 volunteers under the banner Let’s Feed Bengaluru. Hats off to the ones who wish to make a change, and go about executing small ideas, which make a big difference some day!

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