This Mexican Ambassador gives a miss to chauffer driven car for an unbelievable mode of transport!

The Mexican ambassador to India is making all eyes roll in surprise as she makes an entrance in an auto rickshaw. To merge in the flavor of Delhi, which she now considers her own city, Melba went out of her way to get a chauffeur driven auto rickshaw with a diplomat’s number plate. The vehicle looks quite attractive with floral prints and a blue number plate.

She was denied entry at the Indian Habitat Centre, on the very day she was invited to give a talk on public transport, how ironical! This just points out strongly as to how inflexible the Indian systems are, and one can’t breathe freely beyond the class-based hierarchy.

Pria is denied entry in the Parliament as three wheelers aren’t allowed, but that doesn’t loosen her spirit a bit! The onlookers are confused, and sometimes curious to know what the vehicle is all about.

The woman is trying to mix up in the country’s culture with these attempts, to travel like fellow Delhiites, as she calls herself one too. Her driver who had to get a scooter training, is also very happily driving her around, and is proud of her. However, it’s a pity as to how an outsider is trying to amalgamate into our culture and the insiders are proving barriers to her!

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