This woman literally brings school to your doorstep!

Considering the high populous of the country, 29% of underprivileged students drop out before completing 5 years of primary education. Statistics show a heartbreaking figure of 1.4 million children in the age group of 6-11 years who aren’t attending school.


Image courtesy: The Better India

Considering this rate, a dream of having a literate India seems nowhere close. To bring in change, this needs to stop somewhere, something new needs to be started somewhere. This lady did just that. To places where the children weren’t coming to school, for those who weren’t able to do so, she took school to them. They take the school wherever the children are and start off with class right there, calling it the Door Step School. Besides having classes in marketplaces and roadside, they even have a school on wheels.

Their team of 1000 teachers is doing a great job in nurturing the kids to have a future they couldn’t have even dreamt of without an initiative of this sorts. More than 70,000 students benefit with this initiative across 8 districts, which is a large number to make a difference.

They’re successfully educating India, one street at a time!

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