This young actress gave a fitting response to a pervert casting director

Akshaya Naik, popularly known as Ananya Maheshwari from the TV serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, had to face a pervert casting couch director recently who asked her for her pictures and said utterly shameful and demeaning things to her.

Unlike girls who push such things beneath the sheets, this brave woman did not hide the disgusting things he said to her, she instead decided to put it up on Facebook and show everyone the true face of this man.



He asked her for details of three auditions. He also asked her to Whatsapp him her pictures. Assuming its for a role, she agreed to it.



He then asked her specifically if she was “Bold and Beautiful”. Again she believed that that was the requirement of the role. She even questioned him about it to confirm. But it just got worse from there.



After she clarified, he started asking her personal, unnecessary  and very inappropriate questions.



She politely denied that stating that this conversation should remain strictly professional. However, he did not give two hoots to her and continued with his disgusting remarks.



Things just started getting worse. His derogatory comments kept increasing. However, Akshaya maintained a dignified stand throughout.



It reached its crux when he started saying the worst kind of things anyone can possibly imagine.



She did manage to give him a taste of his own medicine though.



A picture of Vicky Jain’s profile..explains everything.



It was also established that she is not the first person he has done this to.



After she posted all of this on her Facebook profile, her friends and followers were disgusted, some shamed the pervert and others were just really angry. Some people even believed that she should have taken him to the police and filed a complaint against him. But the one thing that everyone unanimously accepted was that Akshaya was very brave to bring this out in the open.

She has requested all aspiring actors and models to not get into the trap of such people and more importantly to ensure that such things come out in the open so that some action is taken against such people and also other people dont get entrapped by it.

Image source: facebook.com
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