Treat yourself with these 8 amazing village tourist places in India.



Located 71kms from Igatpuri, Pusruswadi is known as the “valley of fireflies” What we hear and read in books, can be seen here every year 2 weeks before the arrival of monsoons. One can take them in your hands, it doesn’t pain or hurt.


2. Kila Raipur


Indian villagers participate in a bullock cart race during a rural sports festival, also known as "Indian Rural Olympics" in Kila Raipur, near Ludhiana, in the northern Indian state of Punjab, Saturday, Feb. 2, 2013. The three-day long event is a celebration of rural life in India's farming belt and features major Punjabi rural sports including Bullock cart race, tug-of-war, tractor race and events for the disabled, among others. (AP Photo/Sanjeev Syal)
Thanks to the bollywood movies that we are so exposed to the villages of Punjab. But apart from the mustard fileds there is so much more that can engage your senses. Kila Raipur has a unique Sports festival also known as “Rural olympics” hosted every year in the month of Febrary. You will be astound to see the test of strength in the form of lifting a bicycle with their teeth or pulling a vehicle by their ears. Others games include bullock/ horse races and even dog racing.



Kumbalangi is situated in the district of Eranakulam and 45 kms away from the Kochi International Airport. You can have relaxed time enjoying the sunset at the backwaters and fishing with the locals. In 2003, the Kerala government selected this as a model village, encourgaing eco-toursim.


4. Araku valley

It is a valley 114kms from Vishakhapatnam in the Eastern ghats, is occupied by many tribes growing organic coffee. Araku valley is favoured with enchanting beauty, mountains, greenary and waterfalls.


5.Hodka- Banni Region

Hodka village in the Rann of Kutch has become quiet a known place to the travelers. Traditional mud houses, arts and craft, local cuisine and wood craving can keep you occupied throughout your stay.

Source: www.gujjublog.wordpress

6. Bijaipur

Rajasthan is a popular state amongst tourist. Bijaipur has been ruled by several dynasties and has a claasic rural feel.Castle Bijaipur is the main attracrtion apart from the horse/ jeep safari, handicrafts and folk dance.


7. Pipli


The coastal village Pipli – 30 kms from Bhubaneshwar is famous for textile and handcraft work. This village is a mix or art and heritage. One can visit the artistic heritage places like the the Chilka lake, Konark Temple and the city of Puri.


8. Hidden Village

Loacted in the dense forest region of Shahpur, with natural springs around and some modern amenities in the cottage stay. This place gives a scenic and wildlife experince with camping options in the woods.

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