Watch how this German woman found a unique way to teach her harasser a lesson.

picthurs1Ulrike Reinhard, is a German working in Madhya Pradesh. She is the founder of a non profit organisation named ‘Janwar Castle’ and works of the upliftment of the people of Janwar. One day as she was walking in the markets of Janwar, a boy of 14 came to her, put his arm around her and touched her upper left arm inappropriately, twice. He then went past her.  When she followed him and asked him as to how he could touch her like that, he simply replied, “I’m a man.” Surprised, she took him to the police station. But about 50m from the police station he ran off with a friend on a bike. However, the police managed to catch him and call his parents. They assured Ulrike that they will punish him. She wasn’t convinced, she believed that nothing would change until he understand what went wrong. That is when she came up with a brilliant idea.


She decided she would start a campaign called “How to treat women right” in the boys school and make the boy head the campaign. She shared the idea with the officer and the boys parents and after a few surprised looks, they agreed. They decided they would turn the incident into something good. She gave the boys family time till Tuesday to figure out how they would run this campaign and what will be the boys contribution in it. She also ensured that if nothing was done she would file the complaint on Wednesday.

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Ulrike says that the reason she wanted to turn this event into something positive is because she believes that understanding of such cases is far more important than punishment.  Once young boys understand the scenario they will never repeat it again.


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