What Bob Marley did not tell you about Marijuana!

Taboo is a word that no more goes with marijuana for the youth in this age. For anyone today, having a pot smoking friend is as common as having a friend who smokes regular cigarettes. Although illegal, its catch upon the youth is vast and unbelievable. Often the Marijuana loyalists will argue that it helps cure cancer, makes one’s vision sharper, helps relax and such other nonsense excuses to continue the use and abuse. These reasons to use and abuse are often what they have picked up from websites that are most often created by other marijuana addicts or dealers.

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So here are some other facts that are definitely against it as I am not a marijuana loyalist nor a dealer. So let’s get some important facts straight. First of all if you are a regular doper then I can tell you that just as your other doping friends you will find this article ‘just another piece of shit coming from an ignorant fool.’ (I get that pretty often by the way, from the patients admitted for marijuana abuse) you will find this useless and I don’t blame you because like the rest of the dopers you can’t give up marijuana because it definitely is giving you something you need that nothing else does, even if it comes at a price. And information that proves it dangerous creates lack of contradiction between your actions and your thoughts. Hence the need to justify the use and so called “advantages” of it and to shove away anything that goes against. So if you are a regular user or abuser you might as well stop reading this article and seek professional help.

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For the rest of you, here’s what Bob Marley didn’t tell them or you about marijuana:

From over 2000 years marijuana is being grown as a hallucinogen. (something that brings hallucinations or false perceptions)

Out of the 400 chemicals found in marijuana the most important is THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) that determines the strength or in other words the high of the drug. With modern farming techniques and ever increasing demand of the drug the farmers have started increasing the level of THC in the plants. THC level averaged 1% in 1974 rising to 4% in 1994 to a whopping 9.6% in 2008.

THC is a chemical that damages the immune system and remains in the body from weeks to months depending upon the intensity and length of use.

Marijuana with this inflated THC has some short term and some long term effects. Some immediate effects include rapid heartbeat (hence the blood shot eyes of your doper friend), disorientation (that’s why you are often laughing in his company cause he does some really crazy things) and lack of physical and mental co-ordination (no wonder you can’t sit relaxed behind him on the bike). You will also find your friend sitting sad very often or trying to find deeper meaning in almost every next thing, panicking or doubting over minor issues. And when he isn’t doing any of this he is either smoking up or eating or sleeping

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As a matter of fact marijuana contains 50-70% more cancer causing agents than the usual tobacco. (Wonder where the cancer curing rumors come from. It probably started as a game of Chinese whispers where cancer causing transformed to cancer curing!).

Did you know that one joint of marijuana damages your lungs as much as 5 back to back regular cigarettes would? Now you know.

Here’s something the men won’t like. Marijuana makes you temporarily sterile as it changes the sperm structure. Something to think about eh?

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Girls you too may face an upset menstrual cycle.

Marijuana greatly diminishes mental functions like judgements, planning, co-ordination, etc. Statistics show that after alcohol marijuana is the most frequently found drug in the bodies of drivers involved in fatal accidents.

THC in marijuana damages the nerve cells and affects memory. Most pot smokers face difficulties in studies as their ability to learn and retain information is reduced. Most addicts never clear grade 12 of education. A handful graduate.

A marijuana addict usually has persistent negative feeling of self and his abilities. They often cannot sustain long term relationships even if they want to.

Like alcohol, tolerance builds up in marijuana as well. You need more and more quantity each time to experience the same high. Increased quantity causes abnormal division of cells that leads to hereditary defects with children born with various abnormalities and defects.

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All the above mentioned effects were the lighter side of it. Most disbelief comes when marijuana psychosis sets in from prolonged or early age use. This psychosis has symptoms similar to schizophrenia and is equally threatening to the addicts and the loved ones. This may or may not subside after discontinuing marijuana use.

So if you are a newbie or plan to try it out get all your facts straight and take responsibility. Remember it won’t give only what your friends or the dealers say. It has a free and lethal package along. For most it might be a no turning back.

Also if you know someone who is addicted to marijuana, don’t despise them. Remember they are suffering too, by it or without it.



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