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What would you do differently if you could go back to you first year in college?

When we are sitting alone in our contemplating zone, we often keep wondering about things we could have done differently in the past. It’s an endless list, but out of that, there are some major decisions if we had taken differently today our life could be something else. This post is about one such important phase of life ‘College’.

So If you could go back in time to your first year in college, what would you do differently?

Study! Not just 2 days before the semesters but regularly


Play less video games and go out more.

Source: Pune Mirror

Don’t be scared to tell your feelings to the girl you like


Look to learn not just mug up

Grow a beard


Work out and be on top of your game


Don’t cheat in exams, you can’t cheat in real life


Try to maintain a schedule and avoid piling on things.

Source: Collegeblender

Don’t forget to have fun.



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