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These Wildlife Resorts Hidden In The Dense Jungles Are Your Best Gateways To Wilderness

India is a country with not only rich cultural heritage but also some really wonderful and exotic biodiversity. Wildlife in India is a great sector to explore and with the great number of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India, tourists look for places where they could enjoy the wilderness. Wildlife resorts are a great place to stay at, and here we list out for you the best of them.

1) Jilling Terraces, Uttarakhand

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Jilling Terrace is an 80 year old mansion located amidst 100 acres of untouched forests in Uttarakhand. Nestled between rhododendrons and oak plantation, the mansion is also known as Chestnut House. The mansion is beautiful place in itself with 4 vintage styled rooms that give an old school vibe. The view from these rooms are also quite mesmerizing. While staying here one could enjoy hikes, swimming at the local brook, nature walks and an authentic rural experience.

2) [email protected], Tadoba, Maharashtra


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[email protected] is a boutique hotel in north western part of the buffer of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. This villa has a small pit dug out in its lawn for the tigers to drink water from. There are CCTV cameras installed which broadcasts live updates of things captured on the camera. The name of this villa came from a tigress called Ghosri who first came here with her cubs to drink some water.

3) The Wilds at Northern Hay, Tamil Nadu

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Built on a 98 acre coffee plantation, The Wild at Northern Hay will make your dream of staying in a jungle come true. The property is a place where you can enjoy the beauty of a jungle and also the melodies of the chirping birds and the sounds of animals. The place once used to be a coffee warehouse but now these bungalows provide o comfortable stay in the forests.

4) Sher Bagh Resort, Ranthambore National Park

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Located in the forests of the Ranthambore national Park, the Sher Bagh Resort has 2 luxurious bedroom tents with attached verandah and bathroom. The whole place encourages eco-friendly and sustainable living and is a great place to see the union of man and wild.

5) Wildernest, Goa

Image Source:besttoursingoa.com

The Wildernest Natural resort is located in the Chorla Gahts of Goa. The resort is surrounded by sub-tropical forests and has some really beautiful waterfalls and jungles in the vicinity. This place would help you explore the other unexplored side of Goa where instead of partying on a beach you can a leisure walk in the forest.

6) Tree House Hideaway, Bandhavgarh

Image Source:bandhavgarh-national-park.com

Located in Bandhavgarh district if Madhya Pradesh, Tree House Hideaway provide you a unique way to experience the wilderness. This resort has five exclusive tree houses spread across an area of 21 acres. There are many reptiles, birds and animals in the surrounding forests. You can choose to explore these or just sit and relax in the tree house.

Nature beauty can be best explored one when you immerse yourself literally and metaphorically in it.

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