You Won’t Believe That Indians Filed These Ridiculous RTI Petitions!

RTI or Right TO Information gives common man the power to seek information form the government. While the RTI is meant to empower people, some people just don’t understand what it is meant for. A lot many queries received by the government are funny, absurd and many a times completely useless. Here are some of the funniest RTIs filed by the people of India.

1) Where did my ladoos go?


In February 2008 the National Human Resource Commission received an RTI by a girl from Uttar Pradesh who asked them a very important question; why the ladoos that she sent to US President George W. Bush did not reach him on ‘Rakshabandhan.’ The girl also asked the commission to take appropriate action.

2) What undergarments can be worn before the Prime Minister?


This RTI is so ridiculous that it’s funny. Some guy seriously filed an RTI asking what undergarments can be worn before the Prime Minister. He asked the PMO for the exact specification of the undergarments. All this was done because this guy was previously arrested for stripping down to his undergarments which had anti-government slogans scribbled over it. Gutsy guy!

3) How many times does governor visit temples?


How would knowing how many times the governor visits temples help someone? RTI was meant for transparency and not for ridiculous curiosities. In May 2010, someone filed an RTI in Hyderabad to know how many times the Andhra Pradesh governor goes to the temples. The guy also asked for the dinner menu hosted at his official residence.

4) What ‘paan’ do the MCD officials consume?


In September 2010 a Delhi resident filed an RTI to know the quantity and quality of ‘paan’ chewed by the MCD officials of Delhi. He also wanted to know the ingredients of the paan chewed by the officials.

5) What are India’s nuclear launch codes?


Yes, a government should be transparent and RTIs are meant for that. But there are stuff that really cannot be shared with the public. In 2015 a person asked the PMO for the nuclear launch codes of India. RTIs aren’t meant to put the country’s safety on risk.

6) What is the price of time?


We are told that time is money, but how much money? An applicant from Punjab University thought that the Indian Government knows the answer to this question, hence he filed an RTI asking the government for the price of time according to the Mahabharata and Ramayana. This guy also asked the price of a religious bride according to these scriptures.

7) RTI or


A government official as a bride is what many guys in India look for. But this 47 year old man thought that instead of posting an ad on some matrimony website or newspaper, an RTI would be better to find a bride. This man made a request to the Tamil Nadu state information commission to give him information about all the eligible female government employees.

Although these RTIs are quite hilarious, they are also a waste of time for those who go through thousands of such RTIs each day. Before you go on to troll the government with such stupid RTIs just know that there are people who have filed serious RTIs and are seeking answers as soon as possible.

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