You think Pune people are rude? This guy has the perfect reply for you!

Pune people have always been portrayed as arrogant and rude. This maybe because of their characterization in certain movies and TV serials. Recently when someone asked about it on Quora, this guy gave an amazing and fitting reply!

“I think this answer is on behalf of every true Punekar you will ever find .

Since the time before Shivaji Maharaj, Pune has always been attacked. The culture and heritage have been damaged on large scale.

Today, Pune is threatened by non-puneites because they are increasing in number. Jobs, businesses, lands, companies, as well as culture is being overtaken by outsiders. Thus, the people living from generations in Pune are not overly fond of outsiders. Saying this, it is not that we don’t want outsiders, people are most welcome to visit Pune, as long as they do not harm us in any way.


If you are an outsider, I promise you that Pune will never be rude or arrogant to you if you respect us, respect our language and any other thing Pune represents. And lastly, तो पुणेकराचा माज आहे, सहज जाणार नाही.”

Source: Quora

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