Your handwriting can help you change your life! Read to know how!

Graphology is the study of one’s handwriting. It gives you an insight of that particular person. Nowadays, it is used by organisations and multinational corporations for recruitment purposes.

Your handwriting bears the unique imprint of your personality, with all its strengths and weaknesses. It is a window to your deepest self.

Followers of Nayaa Bharat now have a chance to get their handwriting analyzed from a leading graphologist in India.


Milind J Rajore is a leading Pune based practicing graphologist. He has been practicing this wonderful science for more than two decades. Till date he has built a very strong team of 15,000 graphologists, and it is growing very fast. Apart from conducting basic and advanced courses on graphology, he is actively involved in consulting services like detecting crime for police officials, helping renowned companies to recruit right candidates, helping bank officials to detect signature frauds, helping people to know their strengths and weaknesses, detecting ill-health through handwriting and knowing reason for it, etc.

Below is an example of one of his analysis.


  1. This person wants to improve her financial position especially cash.  
  2. This person feels that people take advantage of her.
  3. This person wants to be traditional.
  4. This person does not like arguments on financial disagreements.
  5. This person wants to be very committed.
  6. This person loves attractive beautiful things. She has got eye for beauty.
  7. This person wants to express herself emotionally and wants to spend for it.
  8. Sometimes this person gets very disturbed. She is not very happy if she is unable to find solutions to her problems.
  9. She is unable to take initiative especially in the areas where finance is involved.
  10. This person will have difference of opinion.
  11. It is very difficult for her to approve people who drink alcohol, this disliking is coming from the mother’s side.
  12. There is subconscious liking in her to be dropped to her destination by someone; especially males.
  13. There are two areas where health should be taken care of one is shivering hand in the family or cancer.
  14. There is an element of loneliness.

Get your handwriting analyzed today to know yourself better!

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